RV Services We Trust
The following are RV oriented businesses who have either met or exceeded our expectations for customer service and quality.

Towing World

945 Walker Road
Wildwood, FL  34785
(352) 241-6388

Towing World set us up to tow the Mini with the motor home and did an exceptional job.  They used all Blue Ox products and this was the first Mini Cooper that they had attempted.  You would never know it given the quality of the workmanship.  The base plate installation was super clean and very well integrated.  With almost 17,000 miles of towing behind the installation, we had no problems.

Four Seasons RV, Inc.

1803 Keller-Andrews Road
US Hwy #1 South
Sanford, NC 27330
(919) 775-1510

Over the years we’ve visited more than our fair share of RV dealerships and shows.  Most of the time we just want to pop in, take a quick look at what they have to offer, and move on to the next dealership.  Like most people, we already know what we like and we know what we need.  We also know what our tow vehicle is rated to handle and most importantly, we know what we can afford.  We prefer to just browse the units that we’re interested in, then if we see something that we like, we can sit down and talk about it in more detail with a sales associate.  Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way. 

That’s why we were so pleasantly surprised when we first stopped at Four Season RV located in Sanford, North Carolina.  Four Seasons is a family owned and operated business and their approach to customer contact is friendly and casual.  On our first visit we were greeted by family member Stan Duke and, when we indicated to him that we were “just looking”, he directed us to their extensive inventory and told us that the trailers were unlocked and to just make ourselves at home.  No pressure and no “what would it take to get you to buy today” spiel.  

As luck would have it Four Seasons carries many Forest River products including the Cedar Creek, Wildcat and Wildwood lines, plus the Flagstaff line of Micro-Lite trailers that were the object of our interest.  They also carry a full line of horse trailers, plus parts and RV accessories.  Once we had decided on our Flagstaff 18FD, it was just a matter of sitting down with a sales person and placing our order.    

Our sales person, Tara Duke, is the wife of Four Seasons President, Brian Duke, and was a joy to work with.  You would have thought that we were buying a high-end RV the way we were treated.  With her little pooch “Harley” sitting on her lap, she took the extra time to make sure that our new trailer was ordered exactly the way we wanted it right down to the last detail. 

 One thing that I need to mention at this point is that Four Seasons had a unit already in stock that was very close to the one that we were ordering, but they never tried to pressure us into buying it.  It was obvious that they were more concerned that we got exactly what we wanted, than for them to make a quick sale and have an unhappy customer.  We appreciate that commitment to customer satisfaction and we will certainly reward them with our future business.

On the day we showed up to take delivery of our new RV, we were met by yet another family member, Linda Duke, who with her warm and fun personality quickly led us through the usual sea of forms and paperwork necessary for us to take possession of the new trailer.  Due to her skills and attention to detail, these matters were soon behind us and we were on our way.

To sum up, Four Seasons RV was a total joy to work with.  We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a travel trailer, fifth wheel or a horse trailer.  We walked into that dealership feeling like customers, but left feeling like members of the family.  Many thanks to the entire staff at Four Seasons RV!

Voyagers Mail Forwarding Service

88005 Overseas Hwy., Unit 9
Islamorada, FL 33036-3087
(305) 852-1101

One of the most frequently asked questions of Full-time Rvers is “how do you receive your snail mail?”   We asked that very question ourselves before we hit the road.  Unsatisfied with some of the answers we received on RV message boards, we decided to do some checking of forwarding services that we had found online. 

One website that caught our eye was Voyagers Mail Forwarding Service located in the Florida Keys.  A scan of their website revealed that the owners are ex-sailboat cruisers which was a plus in our eyes as Margo and I have sailed for over twenty years and have spent five of those years living on a sailboat.  Our experience with cruisers is that as a lot they have a high degree of integrity and are very resourceful and bright.  Just the kind of people we would want to receive and forward our mail to us. 

A call to Voyagers was all it took for us to sign up with them.  Seth at Voyagers answered all of our questions and was quick to assure us that our mail would be handled as though it were his own. 

We’ve been using Voyagers since August 2005 and we have nothing but good to say about them.  We signed up for their “toss the junk” program where they toss junk mail (saving the customer a ton of money in needless shipping fees) and we’ve been more than happy with their service. 

 If you need a forwarding service for any reason then you need look no further than Voyagers.  We can’t recommend them highly enough!

The Dirty Blind Man

44489 Town Center Way, #D-438
Palm Desert, CA  92260
(877) 715-8800 or (760) 346-3060

We discovered the Dirty Blind Man when  we were staying in Palm Desert, California.  Several of the day/night blinds in our fifth wheel had the cords fray, due to improper installation by the factory, and it appeared that all the blinds would end up failing if we didn't do something soon.