Hi, I'm Sparkie Kizer, the canine member of the family.  I was born in Santa Rosa, CA on March 7, 1997,  and I'm a cock-a-poo.  Friends have requested more pictures of me and hopefully, Mom or Pop will continue to update you with lots more as we travel the roads together.

May 2006, Williams, AZ

Finally, I'm back where I belong!  Like my new kerchief?

Now, I can relax and take a nap.

April, 2006, Kissimmee, FL

Ah, back from the kennel at last, check out my new haircut!

March, 2006, Kissimmee, FL

Where are those doggie toys, I know they're around here somewhere!

February, 2006,  Morro Dunes, CA

Ah, the joys of running on the beach, stick in mouth.

January, 2006, Chula Vista, CA

It's been a long day, I'm relaxing ready to watch a little television or take a nap.  My fur sure is getting long, uh oh, haircut time soon!

December, 2005, Chula Vista, CA

Here's how I start each day, Pop takes me for my morning walk.

Back from the walk, I get my morning cookies, yum.  Can I have more?

Here I am digging in the toy bag for something new, this is hard work.

Still looking but I convinced Mom to dump the bag out, much easier for me.

Ah, the new toy I picked out.  This is one of my favorite places to hang out and watch for other 4 legged friends.

November, 2005, Blythe, CA

Pop and I are checking out the river, finally made California.

October, 2005, Las Cruces, NM

Pop and I relaxing in the afternoon sun.

October, 2005, Valdosta, GA

Here I am with my new friend Lady, what a hottie, but she's a little young for me.