RV Friends
Reid and Debbie Rucker

We met Reid and Debbie on the internet after admiring their website. We exchanged a few emails and soon became fast friends. One email lead to another and we agreed to meet at an RV park in Georgia. Better folks you would never find. They arrived at the park before us and knowing that we’d be tired after our drive, they had dinner all planned for us. Included in the meal was Debbie’s awesome homemade potato salad. That alone was worth the drive! Their cocker spaniel “Lady” is as much of a camper as the rest of the family, always ready to hit the road. Spoiled? you bet she is! Reid is a website designer and has many high profile clients. Imagine our surprise when he offered to set us up with a website to chronicle our days on the road. We hadn’t even thought of doing this but it took us all of 10 seconds to say, “yes!” we would love to have him do that. Needless to say, we will be forever grateful for his efforts on our behalf. Thanks Reid, we owe you buddy!

Reid and Debbie are “full timers” and you can follow their adventures on the website shown above.

Gary and Terri Metz

We first came into contact with the Metz’s 24 years ago when we both kept sailboats at Peninsula Marina in Redwood City, CA.  Margo and I were living aboard our boat at the time, while the Metz’s enjoyed their boat on the weekends. Boaters tend to be a social lot and it was only a matter of time before we met them on the dock one sunny weekend day.  Soon, we were taking day-sails on each other’s boats and hanging out together at one of the local boater hangouts. Our friendship was solidified when we discovered our mutual addiction for the old arcade game, “Ms. Pacman”.  We spent hours and an untold number of quarters playing that game.  Those were fun days with great memories.  Over the years our hobbies and lifestyles have changed slightly, but our friendship has endured.  Instead of boating our interests have shifted to enjoying the RV lifestyle. Like us, the Metz’s started out with a tent trailer then moved up the RV ladder to having owned several Hitchhiker 5th wheel trailers, the last of which was a 35’ “Champagne Edition”.  A new chapter of their RV lifestyle recently opened with the purchase of a 39’ Kountry Star motor home.  At this point, I don’t think you could find two more excited RV’ers!  When not RV’ing, the Metz’s spend time enjoying their lovely home situated in the mountains close to Yosemite National Park. Gary is a service director at a General Motors dealership and Terri is a gifted photographer who operates her own successful photography business.